My name is Marie.
I am a wife to Captain Pete,
and a mommy to Mister G and Missy A.
Like you, I have struggled in the kitchen, and have worked hard
to serve scrumptious and healthier meals each day.

 I have created Healthy Eating Starts at Home as a challenge
to brownbag and eat healthier meals each day from home.
I started blogging in September 2011, due to Food Network's call
for Healthy Eats' September Brown-Bag Challenge.  
I was reluctant at first since I wasn't sure whether 
I'd be able to fulfill a month of packing and blogging lunches.  
It can't be just Lunchables daily for my son, which had been for the past years.  
But I thought it would be a great idea to break the habit of laziness 
and start eating healthier.

I was a dentist turned full-time mom since 2009.
I struggled in the kitchen for about a year or so till I get back on my toes in mid-2011.
Currently, I work as a part-time dental hygienist, and a Phonics Teacher,
which allows me to tutor my kids after school, and still be a parent volunteer in school.

I am an early slumber and an early riser.
I'm in bed with the kids by 8PM, and up by 5AM.
That's when I prepare all the lunchboxes.
Lunches taste better when packed fresh everyday.

Bento-blogging makes me accountable for everything I pack for school.
My goal is to keep them healthy and nutritionally-balanced.
My blog is NOT nut-free, gluten-free, dye-free, strictly whole grains/foods,
vegan, low carb, or high protein diet. It is a balance of everything.
We have no issues with nuts, gluten, dyes or sugar.
But I keep them at the minimum mostly.

This is how and why I thrive.

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