October 24, 2011

Bento Weekly - Round-Up 2

Oct 24 (Monday)
It's the second week of my Bento Weekly.  I thought I would be sending my son to school today with cafeteria meals.  We were so busy with a lot of kids' performances and parties during the weekend, that we failed to shop for this week's pantry supplies.  Anyway, this was what I came up with for Monday.
A salad full of Romaine lettuce, corn kernels, shrimp,
crab flakes & raisins. With a side dish of baked chicken
nuggets and diced plums. I don't know why my shrimps
turned out to be so washed out here, when they
 appear so pink.
I was dreaming about Monday's brown-bag last night.  I have to recall them when I woke up this morning. Ha! That was a nightmare.  But it turned out okay I guess, since I saw a smile on his face when he saw me packed his lunchbox.  I'm glad I still have Mc Donald's BBQ sauce in my fridge.  I sent it with his oven-baked chicken nuggets.

Oct 25 (Tuesday) Picnic Lunch Bento
Herbed beef balls with diced tomatoes,
 carrots with ranch, sliced oranges.
It's this time of the year for the school's picnic lunch again. They will be eating all together on the grass-grounds at exactly noontime.  I thought of sending in something new and satisfying on cold fall weathers like today.  I thought of sending soup, but I'd rather not to avoid spill-accidents.  They're sitting on the ground today, not on chairs.  So I made him herbed beef balls with diced tomatoes on the side.  I covered that diced tomatoes with press & seal, so its juice would stay where it should be.  I did the same thing with the ranch. I also sent him an extra small apple for snack, juice pouch & water.  Then I think I forgot to send him utensils to use.  I guess I would have to drive back just before lunch to make it to him.  That's the life of brown-bagging.  It happens.

Oct 26 (Wednesday)
Chicken Teriyaki strips over steamed rice, strawberry hearts
and banana-cinn muffin for dessert.
I like it when I get special requests coz that saves me the trouble of formulating lunch menus for the following day.  This was our dinner leftover last night.  I guess he really loved it to even repeat it for school lunch.  I forgot to send in ketchup though.  He loves it with ketchup.  Don't ask me why.

Oct 27 (Thursday)
Vege-meat Sushi rolls, egg rolls, red grapes, roasted edamame.
An ideal finger-food bento.
Let's try on that roasted edamame again.  Last time I sent it, it went back almost untouched.  He said he was having a difficult time to shell it.  But after I explained to him that there was neither shelling nor skinning required on my lunch meals, he was determined to try again.  SO I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those edamame would be all gone by the time he's home.

Oct 28 (Friday)
Edamame, meatballs, orange wedges and plums.
This was a combination of bento items of what he had for this entire week.  I also sent in apple slices which I packed it in a Ziploc eliminating as much air as I could to prevent it from browning.  I didn't have a ginger ale or lemon lime soda to soak the apples, so I have to find a way to keep it looking fresh.  So far the week went pretty well.  And I was glad to survive another week of lunch packing.
See you next week!
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