October 28, 2011

How to Store A Ginger

Have you ever wondered why gingers are sold in such huge bulk?  I wondered if I could ever buy just a piece of ginger since I don't use them often in the kitchen.  If I get them in bulk, I end up with a wasted, rotten, or molded-gingers in a matter of days.  Glad my mother-in-law came by and saw my fresh gingers in my fridge.  She took it out and wrap it up with a paper bag.  Not plastic.  Plastics collect and trap moisture.  We all know that moisture is the root of molds and mildews.  And we don't want that on our food.  I was told if we want our vegetables still looking fresh even after 3 or 5 days, wrap them up in a paper bag really well.  Paper allows the vegetables to get enough air circulation and moisture to stay fresh.  At the same time, paper absorbs any excessive moisture that our veggies don't need.  So if your gingers last about a week or 2, depending where you live, wrapping them up with paper allows you to prolong their shelf-life even longer.  I could store mine for months without freezing.

Another way of storing ginger is to cut them up in a serving size and store them in an airtight plastic container, which is freezer-friendly.  Freeze them.  It's the best way.  They last longer.  Taste and texture are not altered significantly.  They're as good as they were fresh.

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