November 15, 2011

An Afternoon Tea Party Playdate

Every little girl's dream is to become a princess and dine in royal parties and waltz all night long.  So why not give them a chance to be princesses for a day to celebrate their big dream and imagination all together.  Tea parties are for girls who love dress-ups and teas.  We threw a tea party playdate for our little girls and their preschool friends at another's mom's place last Saturday afternoon. It was not just any ordinary tea party.  We had them dressed-up with Sunday clothes and shoes.  Invitations were sent. Place cards were placed on a table of 8 with mantels and napkins.  Teas were served on hand-painted porcelain tea-pots.  Each girl had their own porcelain tea cups and saucers.  Fancy, isn't it?
Tea table set-up for our 8 little girls.  Complete with porcelain tea-cups and saucers, napkin wrapped utensils on porcelain plates, place cards and a flower bouquet centerpiece.
It's an idea of teaching the girls of proper etiquette on tea parties.  We also encouraged proper language use when communicating with each other.  You would be glad hearing those "Please" and "Thank you" around the table.  It was really awesome to watch these little kids eat like young ladies.  They were not even 5, and they followed directions really well.  We made it potluck to make it budget-friendly for the host.
The Banquet Table we feasted on after our girls' tea.  It was a non-stop chatter.  Everyone felt we should do it often.  It's not only great socializing, but therapeutic as well.  Honestly, I believe every mom should do this with their friends and kids at least once a month.  
The girls had so much fun, so did the moms.  It was like a princess play date for the girls, and a wonderful bonding and de-stressing for moms.  
This is the tea table set-up for 5 moms.  Lovely, isn't it?  It's a wonderful idea for girls' night out, but in a lovely way.  An afternoon tea of chit-chatting while your girls are busy playing princesses.  It's PERFECT!  We just had to alternate hosting the event or keep it potluck for a more regular playdate and mom gatherings.
We had the play date set at 3:00 PM.  Perfect for little nappers.  We started it with a tea party snack to get the energy flowing.  We served them pizza with chicken, mushrooms and green peppers, paired with a tea or raspberry lemonade.
Raspberry Tea for our little girls to try. They had a variety of teas, each moms got their own favorites. But our daughters need to stick with the safest drink... de-caffeinated fruit teas  We didn't serve them the traditional sandwiches. We upgraded it to a large pizza with chicken, mushroom and bellpeppers cut into 20 pieces instead of 10's.  Not everyone loves olives, so we kept it on the side for kids who eat them like nuts.  We have 2 of them. Ended up opening a can of olives to satisfy their cravings.

After the tea, they dressed up like princesses and danced the night away with princess music.  Glad the host had a rack of princess dresses & shoes that dressed up all 7 kids. While the royal ball was going on, it's time for the moms to catch up and bond.  We had like an early dinner at 4:00 PM.   The fun just went on and on until it was passed dinnertime.  The kids just went back on the table for a small dinner of their choice before closing the event.  I forgot to mention that in between this small party/playdate, they did some crafts too and a lot of scooting around with their tri-wheeled scooters.  Now isn't that amazing?  By the time we were home, the girls were all dead to the world! Everyone had a blast.  Surely, this wouldn't be the last.  It was just a beginning of of several play dates and gatherings.

Next project would be my girl's 5th birthday party next month.  I will be posting just the same to share what I have been up to aside from bento-packing.  See you then!
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