November 4, 2011

Bento Weekly - Round 3

My Bento item for WEEK 3!
Monday (Oct 31): Yummy Halloween Bento
Hotdog slices on a stick with marshmallows, kiwi slices,
sushi rolls, fruit roll-ups.
I know I need to be more creative next time.  I ran out of time to decorate my bento this year.  I couldn't find my edible marker pens to decorate & doodle on his lunch.  I was supposed to draw happy faces on his hotdogs, and decorate the mallow tops to look like a hat.  And doodle HAPPY HALLOWEEN on his sushi rolls.  I was supposed to unroll the fruit roll-ups and wrap it into toothpicks that would look like broomsticks.  But didn't have enough time.  SO I sent it in as is.  I also gave him a pack of goldfish for snack.  And my 3rd grader was as satisfied as ever.  He said he doesn't mind not having a dressed-up lunchbox.  He didn't want his lunch to draw much attention to other kids in school.  Or he might end up hungry again.  Good point!

Tuesday (Nov 1): Quiche & Toast Bento
Quiche & Toasts, edamame & strawberries on the side.
Request finally granted!  He's been asking for quiche for the longest time.  I finally had the chance to whip it up for him this morning for breakfast, and the rest ended up on his lunch.  I lined the bottom with lettuce, and noticed that too went down his tummy when he went back from school.  Good job, son!  Keep eating healthy :-)

 Wednesday (Nov 2): Fruits & Salad Bento
Salad of Romaine, raisins, broccoli, ham, crab sticks,
and Ranch bacon on smidgets.  Grapes on the side.
Plums for snacks.  Fruit roll-ups for treats.
I call it Salad days when I couldn't think of what to send for school.  Actually it's easier to prepare it coz you just have to toss everything you have in hand that your kids eat.  Just cut it into bite sizes.  Salads don't have to be all greens.  You can always add dried fruits, nuts, meat, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruits, croutons or toasted buttered bread crumbs.  Just send in the dressing coz that's what put them all together neatly and yummy.
Thursday (Nov 3):
Gyoza, sushi rice rolls, crab sticks and watermelon balls.
I would say these are some of his favorite bento items put together.  I saw him flashed big smiles when he saw all these into his bento box. 2 compartments for watermelon balls to satisfy him even for snacks. He loves watermelons! The layers of Romaines at the bottom were used to prevent the steamed gyoza from sticking at the bottom of the bento.  And they don't go to waste coz he loves munching on Romaines after gobbling everything up. 
Friday (Nov 4):
Fancy garlic rice with crab sticks, mixed veggies, and eggs.
Chocolate crinkle muffins with plums on the side.  
To wrap up my Bento Weekly, I sent him something comforting on a rainy day.  Rainy days for school mean a rainy day schedule as well.  They would be eating inside their classroom.  So I sent him something easy and quick to eat, and not messy.  He also brought 2 fruit roll-ups for snack.
See you next week!
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