January 27, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 12

 For January 23-27, 2012

Healthy Eats' Week 4 Challenge is to eat more vegetables and fruits. Do you know the average fruits and vegetables we must consume per day? Look no further.  I found a good table that lays out the right amount for every individual.  Check it out here: Fruits and Veggies Matter.

My guide is the new My Plate that has the right partitioning of vegetables, fruits, protein and grains per servings. 
Romaine Lettuce salad with crab sticks, carrots, chicken nuggets and tangerine with Ranch and BBQ sauces on the side.  He usually would toss the tangerine and Ranch in his salad and eat it with the nuggets.
 Chili on cold winter days with rice and slices of juicy and sweet Asian Pear.
 Spam Musubi and Sushi rolls.  Accompanied by corn and green peas 
and red globe grapes.
Hamburger with hummus and lettuce, pickle relish and ketchup on smidgets, corn and green peas on the side.  I forgot to include his apple slices in this picture. He brought it for snack.  He would either have fruits, fruit roll-ups or vegetable chips for snacks. 
Mini corndogs with ketchup on smidgets, tangerine and corn with broccoli.

See what's cooking at home during this week of the challenge.
Eat More Vegetables and Fruits.
See you there!

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