March 2, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 16

For the week of Feb 28 to March 2.
This is the first day I tried brown rice on my sushi rolls. And they taste wonderfully as well.  Actually it brought in new twist to my sushi.  And my boy seem to love them just the same. Lately he's been craving for ripe green mangoes.  It seems to complement his sushi really good. And he has also learned to eat edamame and has preferred it shelled when packed to school.  He loves the idea of shelling it off as he eats it. 
On Tuesday, he requested our home-baked cheese pizza and edamame. I guess nothing beats a pizza on cold winter days, except that it's not warm by lunchtime. He prefers it better than warm pizza so it wasn't really much of a problem.
On Wednesday, I packed our home-made pork and shrimp eggroll to school. I had to make it from scratch the night before while they were sleeping so it's ready by morning time. I had to fry it half-done, and continue baking for 10-15 minutes at 450F to crisp the wrapper and cook the filling thoroughly.
Thursday, he brought in ham and cheese bun from JJ Bakery.  His favorite and some blueberries to cheer him up.
I wasn't happy much of what I sent this week.  I would say it's the week of eggrolls, blueberries and edamame that took a rotation in my combination of bento items.  It was tough for the last couple of weeks when all the lunches I sent came back with leftovers.  This week was better.  It came back clean even if I have to send eggrolls alternately.  The week's over and I'm so relieved to have sent somewhat healthy lunches even if I have to get him pre-made lunches. I thought I could get by a year of packing home-made lunches.  But somehow he's gotten tired of my ideas. I need to shop around for new items. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment below. I need help. Thanks!!
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