May 1, 2012

My Little Chef: Fruit Jellos

They made Fruit Jellos!

I was thrilled to see all the pictures sent to me by her teacher.
I decided to make a post about this to hallmark 
every kitchen milestone my kids would hit.

I know this has been a late post, but I was waiting for her teacher to upload the pictures on the school's page so I can steal it for my!!
No, let me rephrase that. It was given to me since it has my daughter's face :)

My daughter is learning how to use the real knife in school, when I'm actually buying more time for her to handle knives at home.  Okay, let's face it. I'm just a chicken to see my kids get cut and bleed. I know she's been telling me that she'd be careful, and would always compare herself to friends who have actually cut with big knives all by themselves. What's the big deal? Every parent differs in opinion. And it just so happen that I'm the mom who'd rather wait till my kids are ready.
Now, who's with me? LOL!!

But this photo just proved me wrong. She can actually handle knives pretty good.
Most of all, could cut apples! Isn't she ready yet?
I remember how proud she was when she got home telling me all about it. 
All I did was listen and beam.
This is how she re-tells all.

"All you need is a jello mix, cold water, hot water.  Mix them all together and pour them in cups equally among ourselves. Then add in any kind of fruits, and chill. Eat and enjoy when ready."

I absolutely agree that this should be one of the first recipes to be taught to children.
It's easy and they can enjoy eating it. Not only that but you make it on cute molds so that they come out pretty-cute to devour.
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