September 18, 2012

School Lunches: Breakfast Yang-Chow

We had YangChow Fried Rice for breakfast this morning and the kids actually suggested  it for lunch as well. Isn't that great? It saved me the effort and time to prepare their school lunches as well, since I was too busy preparing for the pirate hop.

Everything was cooked fresh. I have to steam the Jasmine white rice before I could stir-fry it with garlic, frozen peas, luncheon meat, and eggs.  My only seasoning for this was sea salt. I actually have to leave out eggs and fry them by themselves. Missy A doesn't like her YangChow with eggs.  So she had them her ways and a few of her favorite black grapes.  Her snack includes a yogurt drink and a pack of Mini Oreo Cookies.
 Mr G had the same lunch except he had his Yangchow topped with slices of scrambled eggs, and strawberry wheels instead of grapes. He preferred berries over grapes.  He got Mini Oreo Cookies for his treat.  He had a chocolate chip cookie for snack with a yogurt drink.
So far so good! Our day went well. The kids devoured their lunches as usual.  I must admit Missy A has fully adjusted eating her lunches in school.  She has pretty managed her time eating and chatting with friends at the same time.  And she doesn't need me in school for assistance either.  There were a couple of times that we left home pretty late that I couldn't find a parking spot anymore. The only option left was to drop off the kids on the front gate and have both of them walk to their classrooms.  I had to ask Mr G to oversee his sister a bit to make sure she's in the right class, which he did perfectly well.

I hope your kids had adjusted well in school by now.
It takes time and each kids are different.
Just be there for them.

Have a wonderful day!

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