September 12, 2012

School Lunches: E is for EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers

The Mini Dippers are here!
Missy A is having chicken nuggets and black grapes kebab for lunch today.
With her BBQ sauce on our newest baby, the Mini Dippers
from the makers of Easy Lunchboxes.
Mr G had the same lunch with his BBQ sauce on the Mini Dippers,
peaches and corn kernels on the side.
We've been so excited to use our newest baby, the Mini Dippers, from the makers of Easy Lunchboxes. The kids just love it. They said it's better than the smidgets we used a while back. They're very easy to open and close without the fear of flipping over. Lids are so flexible, you can actually bend it as far back.  Best of all they're leak-resistant even when the lunchbags were thrown out of place.  Have you got yours yet?

Tools I've used for today's post:
The EasyLunchboxes lunch container boxes are currently out of stock in Amazon stores, but you can purchase them thru The EasyLunchboxes webstore.

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