September 28, 2012

School Lunches: Elephant Cracker Bento

I know that I rarely send cute lunches for Mr G. But this time around he approved with thumbs up. So I took my elephant shaped cutter to cut ham and cheese for a cracker bento lunch today.  Fridays is usually the day when we're low in pantry supplies. But that is not an excuse for a lousy meal.  I still want it appealing and healthy for the kiddos.

 Elephant ham and cheddar on Nori lined blue silicone cups with crackers on green silicone cups.  This is also the first time I used edible markers to doodle on their foods.  I was pretty much hesitant to do it coz Missy A is quite particular about inks on her food. So I have to explain to them that they are safe to eat and are harmless.  At least for them, since they don't have any food allergy issues.
 Missy A had a similar lunch except that she doesn't have any cheddar cheeses.  She's not a huge cheese eater.  A matter of fact, she opts out unless it's Cheese Pizza.
 Just a bit sad that she wasn't able to eat this for lunch since she dropped it when she sneaked a few pieces of the elephant ham by recess time.  She had a cafeteria meal instead, which was her first time ever. 
This was her snack for recess that ended up to be her dessert for lunch.
Sad that it didn't work out well for her today. I told her that she's not suppose to open her lunch containers when it's not on a table. The danger of dropping it is higher because it's not on a stable ground.  Anything could happen.  I guess she was just too excited to show her elephant cracker bento to her K-buddies.

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