September 27, 2012

School Lunches: Pepperoni Pizza Sammies

Today's lunch is pretty different.
Mr G is having a Pizza Sandwich.  Not our usual pizza bread. This time we made pizza filling in a sandwich. We thought of giving pizza a different appeal. He's not much into cute shapes, so I would have to keep his lunch simple but healthy.
We call this lunch for the big boys.

Pepperoni cheese pizza filling on toasted breads and pepperoni topping for my pepperoni loving boy. He also got shelled edamame and strawberry hearts for a healthy treat.  I actually tried this out on breakfast to finish up the pepperonis before it even expires. He loved it and requested for more. So he got it as well for his school lunch.

This would be very simple if you have a toaster oven. Toast the bread the usual way. But this time spread the marinara/pizza sauce with a layer of pepperonis on one side, and top the other bread with sliced cheese. Toast. Once done, put the bread together and slice diagonally in half. Serve with additional pepperonis on top, as desired. I like lining my containers with dry paper towels to absorb moisture that prevents the bread soggy by lunch time.

Have a hearty lunch to all!

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