April 1, 2013

Introducing: ELB Brights! A Giveaway

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If you have been following my blog, you already know that I am fond of EasyLunchboxes. I am not just fond of it. I'm a HUGE fan! And I am so proud to be a part of its growth from Classic to Mini Dippers, and now the BRIGHTS!  It just went so great with all the lunches I sent, BIG and SMALL.

There are 4 NEW colors to brag:


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3-21-13 photo 100_3914.jpg

These new colors have grown to be our favorite lids when packing lunches for kids.  The classic becomes more for grown ups.  What's even more awesome, is that they mix and match.  They fit in our old EasyLunchboxes.  So  I get to save the boxes as replacements when the older ones break, stain, or whatever.  But the bad news is, I think EasyLunchboxes are made to be stain-resistant and indestructible.  So it might take a while before a replacement happens.  More reason why we should invest on these inexpensive and extraordinary set of lunch boxes.  That is not meant to exaggerate.  But that's just how I feel about these pretty boxes.

They are pretty darn irresistible!  The only lunchbox that I trust to use daily without any visible signs of wear and tear.  I have very few hand-picked selections of bento gears because I am simply that picky.  No matter how cute and lovely they look, I try not to cave in, when it doesn't suit our daily needs.  I don't own a "money tree" that bears dollar bills, so I try to conserve our reserves when it's not necessary at all. Though at times I wish I could handle bento indulgence. They get to be pretty-addicting and stress-reliever, if you know what I mean. Well, I'm just saying that you won't go wrong with the EasyLunchboxes...that's all! 

I always feel good about giving away EasyLunchboxes to my awesome readers and blog followers.  It's one bento product that I promote shamelessly.... over and over again.

If you're just like me, who can't get enough of a set of EasyLunchboxes, please dive in to this chance to win more. It is time for another (1) set of four (4) Brights Collection of EasyLunchboxes with your color choice of one (1) lunchbag

It's easy to enter.  All you need to do is to visit EasyLunchboxes and come back to me, leave me a comment to answer either one of these questions:

  • Why do you want to win a set of Easy Lunchboxes? 
  • What Easter/Spring treat will you pack in which ELB lid color?

Please do all mandatory entries for EasyLunchboxes, or entries will forfeit, if drawn for that specific entry. For example, if you were asked to subscribe to EasyLunchboxesTV, and that entry number were drawn, but you failed to subscribe, or have unsubscribed, that calls for a default.  A new winner will be drawn.

This giveaway is offered to US residents only
Please do not enter this giveaway if you have won or received free product from 
EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.

EasyLunchboxes are the #1 best-selling lunchboxes on Amazon.com!! 
You can get FREE shipping for EasyLunchboxes products (USA only) through
EasyLunchboxes' Amazon Store (http://amzn.to/BuyLunch)


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