May 18, 2015

Guest Post | Motivate Healthy Eating with Colorful Lunchbox Stickers

Recently Dana Harris of Food Packaging Labels reached out to me to share some great infographics about healthy eating and handy lunchbox printables to all of my blog readers.  I will be sharing them throughout the month of MAY.  They are FREE to download for your personal use to add pretty, nice and cool attractions to lunchboxes, when packing lunches to your kiddos.  I have asked her to guest post on my blog to reach out to my readers as well.  Thanks, Dana!

Motivate Your Kids on Healthy Eating with Colorful Lunchbox Stickers  

 By Dana Harris

Healthy eating starts at home but continues at school. Kids spend most of their day at school, therefore, preparing a healthy diet for you child is very important. Healthy food gives active kids the nutrition they need to get through the day while helping them concentrate and learn. However, every parent who packs a lunch for their child knows that it is very tricky to prepare food that is both healthy and in accordance with the kid’s wishes.

 Displaying Lunchbox-stickers.png

There are many reasons why children don’t eat their lunches at school and bring them back home. Sometimes they skip lunch so they have more time to play with their friends during recess. While other times they just might find the food bland. They may not like the shape of their sandwiches or the food gets their hands sticky. Or maybe they simply do not like the look of their lunchboxes. These colorful  lunchbox stickers will help you transform your kid’s lunchbox so it will  make him or her curious to at least peek inside and see what’s for lunch that day. Various sticker designs give you the opportunity to change the look of your child's’ lunchbox on a daily basis, to keep it fun and exciting. Additionally, you can use these lunchbox labels to surprise your kids with fun and inspirational notes or simply to tell them you love them. These stickers can be used in an interactive way by making a game of it. For example, having them guess what’s in the box before they open it. The lunchbox stickers can act as a lead by placing the appropriate image in accordance to the food placed inside. You can put strawberry stickers on the container you prepared with strawberries or a doughnut one for dessert allowing you to decorate the container.

Displaying Lunchbox-stickers-grape-carrot.png

If your kids are still bringing their lunch home, you can encourage them to decorate their lunchboxes by themselves while you are preparing their lunch. It will be a mini DIY project which allows them to participate in the process. They will take part in the project and feel proud that they helped make their lunch.

Displaying Lunchbox-stickers-doughnuts.png

If you like these ideas, download and print these stickers and have fun with your kids while preparing lunches.

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