September 1, 2015

Korean Bento

A Re-Purposed Lunch

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Did you ever wonder what happens with dinner leftovers in most household nowadays?  Tell you what, most re-purposed them in many different ways. For the kitchen ingenious, they create a total different dish out of it.  For working moms, they may pack them for work the following day.  And still for the some, may even freeze them to serve on lazy days. Now which one are you?

We are the people who either re-purposed them for work lunches (yes! We eat the leftovers), or freeze them for any lazy days.  Now that the kids are older and are less picky, they share the chores with us to consume whatever is left.  And they don't mind at all.

The secret to that is the bento-style lunches.  Nothing cute looking anymore, but I make sure they look appetizing and good.  If I need additional compartments, I make use of silicone cups sold mostly at any local Daiso, or online by Bento USA.

Today's lunch is a leftover dinner from our Korean Restaurant dining.  We always order a little too much to what we can actually consume.  Aside from the hefty servings, my daughter was a bit full from her snack before we went to church last late Sunday afternoon.  I like to pack foods in to-go boxes.  I feel it's a great excuse to skip cooking for half a day or so.

Korean dishes is one of our favorites.  From appetizer to dessert, it's all delectable.  So for this bento, I packed Vegetable Kimchi, Chap-chae glass noodle, Beef Bulgogi with Spicy Chicken on a half cup of steamed rice.  To finish the meal, oranges to neutralize all after tastes.  All in on our Easylunchboxes.

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For my boy, on his Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kit, he had a 3/4 cup of steamed rice, half cup of Beef Bulgogi, and oranges with plum for dessert.

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Lastly, my girl brought in warm steamed rice on her favorite thermal kids' funtainer from Thermos. She also had a half cup of non-spicy Korean Chicken teriyaki to go with her rice, and plums to snack on for recess.  All klip it plastic containers by Sistema.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
Happy 1st of September!

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