August 31, 2011

The Brown-Bag Challenge

Can we do it?

For the whole month of September, I took the challenge by 
Healthy Eat's to brown-bag in lieu of eating out. 
 It was a nice challenge since I pack lunches for my husband to work, 
and for my son to school on a daily basis. 
The task would be to plan ahead 
so I can give them a variety of healthy meals everyday. 
I decided to give it a try.  
It doesn't matter if it's leftover from the other day's dinner,
as long as it is home-cooked, and not processed.
The hardest part would be for my picky eaters.
I have 2 at home.  One of them just loves Lunchables for school all the time.
I figured it's time to break the habit and try out new things.
It would be a great deal of fun and a whole new adventure.
So join me as I plan my meals while I keep it simple to prepare.
Join me as I unfold this challenge.

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