September 30, 2011

The Brown-Bag Challenge is officially over.

Over the past 30 days, I have encountered several vocabularies that comes
with packing lunches to school and work.


Brown-bag is the means of packing food to school & work.
Home-made is anything prepared at home, from scratch or semi.
Healthy is the term for the choices of ingredients you use to prepare your foods.
Leftovers are the extra yummy foods you had the previous night.
Yummiest is my son's term for no left-over brown-bags.

Healthy Eats had given me the opportunity to explore all lunch menus possible.
It had connected me to several fellow brown-baggers.
It made me more creative and confident when formulating my weekly menus.
My goals were to make every lunches as healthy and varied as possible.
And eventually scrap Lunchables.
 My son had seen the benefits of home-made foods over store-bought,
thereby quitting Lunchables.
YAY!! I made it. This calls for a celebration.

Lunchables is now his emergency food, for late mornings, and he had been more
accepting of the "special-made" lunches I packed for him.
He called it special because it was prepared with ♥.

I'd also like to thank fellow brown-bag bloggers,
who had given me more options and ideas
to make every lunchboxes fun and exciting to bring to school & work.

Nutritionist, Toby Amiador,
was a great influence too in my menu-planning.
Thank you!

I am looking forward for the next challenge.
From now on, I will continue brown-bagging and eat healthier.
I will keep blogging to add inspiration to myself
and to people who visits.

Thank you Healthy Eats!
Until the next challenge...
We did it!
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