October 3, 2011

Exploring Korean Dishes

My husband is craving for Korean foods last night.  So this is what we've prepared together.  Everything is home-made.  Nothing compared to Korean Restaurants.  They're still the best, but we were able to replicate it at home when we're just too lazy to dine out.  We made Beef and Pork Bulgogi, Seafood Tofu Soup, Jap-Chae and Kimchi.  We're not Koreans, but it's one of our favorite dishes that we feast on from time to time.  I got the recipe from a friend who happen to be a good Korean cook.  And this was all he  packed for his brown-bag to work today.
Radish KimChi
Pork Bulgogi
Beef Bulgogi
Disclosure:  Korean photos are not mine.  Didn't get the chance to photograph my dishes as they went all-gone as I served them off the grill.  The kids started chowing on the bulgogis and noodles.  I didn't bother halting them so as not to destroy the good appetite they had last night.  And I thought I wouldn't do justice on the foods if I capture the too little leftovers. It wouldn't look as appetizing as these :-)
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