October 5, 2011

Chocolate Muffins

Recently, my kids were craving for Chocolate Muffins.  Our trips to the market had been on a weekly basis just to get the choco-muffin-cravings satisfied.  Until finally, my son suggested to make it instead.  I thought it was a great idea, since they can bake with me anyways.  Glad I have easy access of my recipes on my phone.  So we shopped for the needed ingredients instead and started the ball rolling.

My only mistake is not planning ahead how to blog about this.  So I'm missing the important aspect of this.....pictures while baking with the kids.  I'll keep that in mind next time.  Anyway, my 8-year old son took the task of adding all ingredients, while my 4-year old daughter happily mixed.  I did all the measurements, cracked the eggs, and read the directions out loud. Gavin lined the muffin pans, as I scooped the batter onto it.  My daughter licked clean all the utensils (",).  Not sure if that's even a good idea, I mean the licking part.  But if that would make her happy, so be it!

The ingredients yielded 48 mini muffins.  Yup! 48 mini muffins for my kiddos to gobble up. That I think is not the best idea of all.  So I suggested if we could share some  to school. Two trays (24 pieces) to Gavin's 3rd grade class, and one tray (12 pieces) to Adrianna's preschool.  And one tray to stay at home.  NO DEAL!! They both wanted to keep it and store till the last bite.  I guess I would have to schedule playdates (lots of it!) to help finish up what we've made.  Good idea!!
Fresh from the oven
The muffins were out from the oven, but they ought to be cooled, so we could individually decorate them.  We decorated as we ate. That way I don't need much room in my fridge to store all 48 of them.  

yielded 48
mini muffins
This was how I stored them, covered with aluminum foil in my fridge at the highest cool temp.  I read somewhere that we can freeze muffins and thaw as you want them. But would this method alter the texture and taste of our dear muffins? I'm afraid if I freeze them, it would end up in trash.  How do you best store muffins as many as these with only 2 kids responsible for the consumption?  BTW, their cravings can take only 2-3 muffins each kid in a day.  So I'm afraid it would take them approximately 2 weeks to finish these all up.  What do you think?

More frosting creations of my children.   
I think we're getting somewhere here.  
My kiddos are learning to decorate on their own.  
I'll post more pictures as we eat all decorated 48 muffins.  
Perhaps we'll take lessons in summertime. 
Something we three have in common.
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