November 11, 2011

Bento Weekly Round 4

Monday (11/7) for Teriyaki Beef served over steamed rice, some oranges
to neutralize the beef flavor after meals, and some edamame
for the greens.
Tuesday (11/8) for mini corndogs with ketchup and mustard on those
mini smidgets, snowflake Ritz crackers, and some sweet red grapes.
Wednesday (11/9) for romaine & broccoli florets salad with  real bacon bits,
raisins, crab sticks, and cheese.  Dino nuggets on the side
and young corns on a toothpick for easy finger-eating.
Ranch and BBQ sauce on the smidgets.
Thursday (11/10) for fried eggrolls that has been drained and
 blotted off really well to prevent it from being soggy later.
Lined it with lettuce strips to help sip up the grease.
With red grapes and baked cheese crackers on the side.  Ketchup on smidgets.
Friday (11/11/11) for Veterans Day Holiday!
No school to honor all those who served
for our country.
Thanks a bunch!!

See you next week!
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