November 9, 2011


Quiche (KEESH) is a savory, open-faced pie of vegetables, cheese, or meat in custard, baked in a pastry crust.  It derives from the German word, KUCHEN, meaning cake.  Today, quiche is considered as typically French.

Looking at the different kinds of quiche recipes vastly found online seems quite complex to make.  But once you've started, you would agree with me that it's as simple as learning to count.  Blame it all to its name.  Its name sounds more difficult to say than make it.  For me, it's just a variation of a baked omelette.  Let me share with you some recipes I have stumbled upon on our quest for the easiest but yummiest quiche around the web.

I've never heard or eaten quiche before.  My son has read this on his book of BONES.  He started asking me what it meant or how it looked.  Puzzled what the word was, I turned to google to search for that foreign word.  And it pulled out several recipes from various blog-sites.  Then came, "I want to make one and taste it, MOM!"  And this was what this blog is about...QUICHE Recipes.

The recipes were linked up to the individual images of quiche.  Just click on them and that should take care of everything.  This holds just a few sites.  But I was able to stumble upon a blog that's dedicated solely to quiche.  And quiche is a family favorite so she's updating her blog every month for new recipes. Feel free to comment below if any one of the images wouldn't link you to its respective site.

Enjoy quiche!  It's a good meal for breakfast or brunch.  I would say it's one of the healthiest because you have vegetables, protein, dairy, and grain in one dish.  Just pair it up with a glass of all-fruit drink. You have hit your MY PLATE goal for a meal.
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