November 25, 2011

Keep Sliced Apples Fresh

Source: Michelle's Journal
Just wanted to share with you what I discovered while googling how to make apple slices fresh for school, picnics or snacks on the go.  I usually would pack them in an airtight container, such as Ziploc bags.  I squeeze out as much air as I could that leaves the bag hugging the apples tightly.  That works really great.  But you would just have to re-seal it back (as tight as possible) for some leftovers.  For kids, they can't do that unless you train them.

Another easy way is by soaking the apple slices in ginger ale for 10 minutes, or any lemon-lime soda.  Most moms suggested apple juice since it's apple.  It doesn't alter the taste at all.  They still taste apples!
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