December 2, 2011

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Honestly, the start of this week went pretty rough for me.  I just felt sick with all the lunches I'm preparing.  And it just seems that my son weren't that interested anymore.  Until I went for more grocery shopping on Tuesday morning after I dropped him off in school.  I window shopped on the frozen dinners to give me ideas on what to pack, but make it home-made.  I noticed that mostly are noodles, rice, cold pizza, stuffed pie, hotdogs,  and delis.  It's just a matter of which veggie or fruit sides you prefer. That's when I came up with the refrigerated crescent doughs, and the rest just happened.

I love crescent rolls because it gives you endless possibilities of whipping up lunches and dinners for your loved ones.  It's easy and delish! 

Here's what I sent my son for his school lunch.  Honey baked turkey.  I got a loving-hug when he came back home.  He said he had the greatest lunch ever.  
That's what he usually says whenever he loved what I sent him.
And when he didn't like it, he'll tell me that he had a boring lunch :(  

Glad he hasn't said that yet this school year.

And what other possibilities can crescent rolls make?  Here's some ideas:
Chicken Salad Crescent
Ham and Cheese Crescent and you can go to for more recipe ideas.
Hotdog and Cheese Crescent
Cheese Crescent Triangles
These are only a few of what I think would hit our household.  I've seen vegetarian fillings for crescents too and lots of yummy recipes to try.  You may visit their site and explore.  Also, check on Pillsbury for coupons as well before you head out to the market.  They have all the printables on their site.  Happy crescent-making!
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