December 2, 2011

Bento Weekly - Round 7

Monday (11/28): Jumbo Sushi rolls, corn kernels on a stick,
and Asian Pears.
Tuesday (11/29): Spaghetti, baked cheese crackers and red grapes.
Wednesday (11/30): Breaded Chicken cutlets with BBQ on smidgets,
steamed shrimp with mayo on smidgets, carrots slices and red grapes.
Thursday (12/1): Turkey Crescents, corn kernels and kiwi slices.
For this I tried Pillsbury's refrigerated crescent rolls & turkey deli.  No cheese but you can add one.  They'll taste heavenly.  But my boy is not in the mood for cheeses this week.  Separate the doughs into 8 triangular dough, place the deli on the dough, roll and bake at 350 degrees F for 15-19 minutes.  Personally, I love this!  You can add any other fillings to this.  A great alternative to the traditional sandwiches and tortilla wraps.  They bake into a bakery quality crescents.
Friday (12/2):  This a teriyaki beef sushi rolls.  A good way to eat rice and beef with the  use of your fingers.  Easy and no mess lunch for kids who are always in a hurry to play.  Buttered green beans, carrot chips and red grapes on the side.

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