December 2, 2011


On my quest to find new items for my bento lunches, I have stumbled upon this at Target's refrigerated sections.  I was honestly looking for mini corndogs but they were out.  Glad I looked really good coz i found these instead.  My children are big fans of pretzels so I know that these will be a big hit.  I just needed to modify their soft pretzels a bit.  It's a little way too bland for my girl.  She wanted more flavor to it.  So I made an apple cinnamon glaze to drizzle over her pretzels.  And that absolutely did the trick.  I love their Cinnamon Streusel Softstix for breakfast.  It's a great companion for coffee drinkers.  It's like cinnamon buns, but in the form of a pretzel.  And the boys can't get enough of their Pretzelfils for snacks.  I'd definitely keep my freezer stocked with SuperPretzels.  It's a great when you're in a rush.  It's ready under a minute.

Check out Super Pretzel for more product informations.
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