December 3, 2011


Part 1: Family First

My daughter is turning 5 on the 5th.  We are not exactly throwing a big party but we are celebrating it thrice.  Saturday would be strictly for family members only.  We love doing this so we could bond and unwind together.  Family gathering for us on special occasions is a pleasant celebration.  It's our wonderful way of catching up on each other with the company of good foods.  My kids are not overwhelmed and distracted to eat.  Thus, we all part with happy tummies.
We love authentic foods when we're celebrating.  We visited Salo-Salo of West Covina this time.  It's one of the most authentic and most delicious Filipino cuisine we could ever find in town.  If you're celebrating occasions, this is one of the best places to go.  They have a wide variety of dishes on their menu from appetizers to desserts, up to their beverages.  The ambiance is good, and the service is exceptionally fast.
We ordered 2 kinds of this soup.  They call it Pork Sinigang and
the other one (not pictured) would be Shrimp Sinigang.  Both were in big bowls
and were loaded with vegetables and meat.  A satisfying soup to begin with.
Noodles for long life! I forgot what this is called.  But they are really good.
My kids devoured this in a minute.  Whoever remembers the name, let me know
please so I can re-order next time we visit the place.
This is what I call yummi-ness! Grilled squid with spicy vinegar on the side.
Cooked just right and not rubbery.
Pinakbet.  A vegetable mixture of bittersweet melon, squash, long beans,
ocra sauteed on crunchy pork and shrimp paste.  Delish! 
The BBQ platter.  Your choice: Beef, Pork, Chicken and Shrimp or
a combination of everything.  We got shrimp for the seafood lovers,
and chicken and pork for the kids and kids at heart.
The Chocolate Cake from 85 degree C.
Taiwan's finest.  They're heavenly. They are not made to be very sweet.
My daughter loved the cake and even had seconds at home.
Part 2 of her birthday celebration would be this Monday in school.  We plan to keep it simple, but fulfilling too.  See you then!
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