December 9, 2011

Bento Weekly - Round 8

This week I am introducing another veggie to my son.  As you may notice, I have done it every other day and in small increments.  Gradually increasing the serving size, so as not to make him sick of eating it.  If you remember, a few weeks ago, I introduced Edamame to him.  If I wasn't mistaken it lasted for almost 3 weeks until he learned to eat it all by itself.  This time it would be zucchini.  So far he's been responsive whenever we try new food item in his school bentos.  He usually would suggest how he wants it in his lunch and how much.  And I give in to that request, as long he comes back with an empty lunchbox and a filled tummy.

12/6 (Monday): Hotdog Crescents, Hash brown,
 a few Zucchinis on a pool of corn kernels, and grapes.
12/7 (Tuesday): Chicken and Vegetable Spring rolls with ketchup on smidget,
broccoli and corn.
12/8 (Wednesday): My green bento! 
Steamed Gyoza with a few broccoli on several zucchinis,
and kiwi slices.
12/9 (Thursday): Chicken Nuggets & BBQ sauce on smidget,
corn kernel and red grapes.
12/10 (Friday) Another home-made pizza bagel with mandarin orange
and carrot slices with ranch.
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