December 16, 2011

Bento Weekly - Round 9

Monday (12/12) Cheese Quesadilla, Hotdog slices and corn kernels.
Ketchup on smidgets.
Tuesday (12/13) Asian salad with carrot chips, crab sticks,
shrimps and oranges.  Ranch and Mayo on smidgets.
Wednesday (12/14) Corndog, corn kernel and kiwi slices
Thursday (12/15) Cheese pizza, red grapes and broccoli
Friday (12/16) Turkey Crescents, carrot chips with ranch,
Asian pears.
It's my last week of packing school lunches.  And I am so proud of myself for not stumbling even for a day.  I have packed healthy and scrumptious meal to my son.  He enjoyed it and I'm happy.  Thanks for keeping up with me too.  I'll see you next year for another batch of school meals.  

For now, I will be busy crafting with my kids at home.  We have pledge to dress up our home with handcrafted Christmas decors.  I will post them on my other blogsite.  If you wish to visit it, please do so.  It's called MommyHOOD.  See you there!

Have a happy Christmas ahead of you!  Enjoy your break.
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