January 24, 2012

Cook at Home

Cooking is what I do best for my family. I love to experiment, and have learned to experiment on ingredients and have created recipes we truly love to eat. So for this challenge, I think I'm all in with my kids as my #1 fans.

I wouldn't be featuring the bento lunches my son brought to school this week. Instead I will be sharing the foods I had made for us this week.

Breakfast has been a norm in our household.  No one dares leave home without anything in their tummies.  Not just coffee, but it has to be something healthy that will keep them full till lunch time.
I make sure to substitute anything I could to whole grains and organic as long as our budget could afford it.  On this photograph, it's a whole wheat waffle that I got in the market last weekend. To substitute syrup over waffle, I made use of vanilla ice cream and blueberries for the kids.  It's super yummy you're little kiddos might get addicted to.

Then of course, right after drop off to school, I prepare for lunch for my daughter, who attends an afternoon preschool.  Most of the time we eat leftovers from dinner last night.  But if I get enough time to prepare something else she likes, I would.
On this photograph, I have made my Spaghetti from scratch.  I call this my Vegetable Herbed Spaghetti Sauce on a whole wheat noodles.  My sauce has mini-diced carrots, mushroom & zucchini slices, bellpepper & carrots with thyme as my herb.  I love making spaghetti sauces from scratch because they're one of those comfort meals my children love the most.  They always have to compare others' spaghetti sauces to mine being the best.  And I get a lot of compliments too from families and friends.  Isn't that lovely?
The pepperoni, mushroom pizza I made for my children.  Never knew it would be this easy to make a pizza.  The challenge was all in the dough.  But it doesn't have to be perfect. The kids had fun and we were all covered with flour after.  I was just wondering if they sell pre-made dough in the market already.  So next time we'd just have to get the dough and top it ourselves.
The baked salmon I made for dinner.  One technique I learned was to cover all bakeware with foil for easy clean up.  Not as nice looking on pictures though, but that was okay :)  At least salmon didn't stick to the pan at all.  And clean-up was a breeze.
This is how my usual breakfast table would look every morning as I prepare bento lunches and breakfasts at the same time.  Busy as it is, but worth the preparation.  I always end up empty-handed after breakfast. The sandwich thins were a new household favorite.  It's really good.   
As a matter of fact, it had been in my son's bento and breakfasts this week with varying fillings - turkey bacon, turkey deli, honey roasted ham deli, and PBJ.  I ran out of lettuce so its absence made the lunches quite incomplete.  I'll make it up next week, though.

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~Happy Healthy Eating!~
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