January 20, 2012

Bento Weekly - Round 11

 For the week of Jan 16-20
This was a late post so I would have to apologize for those who were waiting.
I was pretty busy with Healthy Eats' Week 3 Challenge and
I had to meet their deadline first.
But I didn't miss a day packing my Bento meals.
If you were looking for that instead, click here.

January 16 (Monday) is Martin Luther King School Holiday.  I mostly don't spend time making bento on school holidays because I'd like to teach my kids to eat on glass wares so there won't be any issues when dining out.  Bentos are strictly for school & work only.
We've got some leftover pizzas yesterday so he had it for his bento today. 
For some reason he fell in love with the Sandwich Wheat Thins and decided to bring it to school for the rest of the week.
I have to stuff it with different fillings everyday though so he won't get tired of it.  But believe it or not, he had this on breakfasts too and snacks after school.
We just have to juggle between turkey bacon, honey roast ham, or turkey delis with Mayo and Mustard on it.  There's not even a cheese or a lettuce there.  He said it was perfect as it is.  So let it be as long as he eats his veggies on dinnertime. 
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