January 21, 2012

Ham Hung Korean Restaurant

I was fortunate enough that my camera phone cooperated well.  Usually I'd get an unacceptable shot for a post.   It's either that or we were too hungry to even photograph an entree.

It was a rainy Saturday morning and we took the kids to the doctor for a check-up.  Major seasonal allergy flare-up that needs to be checked since Children's Claritin is not working anymore.  It had been a week and it worries me a bit.  Just a bit since there were no signs of fever or malaise.  We found out that it was really just an allergy, and the kids just needed a nose spray that should take care of the congestion.

For lunch, we thought of dining out after 2 weeks of cooking at home.  We wanted to chill out as a family and have a serene time together.  Dining out is one of our comfort zones on rainy days.  We thought of a good hot soup to keep us warm and soothed. 

Ham Hung Korean Restaurant is the perfect choice at this time of the day.  They have appetizing soup that you can drink all you can.  You heard that right.  We drank it like crazy.  It's refillable.
They serve it on thermal pots like teas.  You get a stone mug, where soup was poured and drank from.  It looked like the ones pictured above.  We consumed about 2 potful of soups.  It was delicious!  I wouldn't say it's spicy but it relieves a sore throat.   The kids love them too.
A long train of appetizers that come with every order. Pickled cucumber, pickled turnips, pickled radish strings, mashed potato, spicy tofu, bean sprout, cabbage kimchi, zucchini kimchi, pickled sweet potatoes, crispy anchovies,  eggs for the tofu soup.  If you have this much of appetizers, I think there's not much room left for the entrees.  So just eat about a piece or two of each one.  They typically serve this for a family of 4-5.  So if you're about 6 or more you'd get double the serving.
Mild Seafood Tofu Soup is such a comforting soup.  You eat it best with a raw egg.  For those who have issues with the yolk, you can just add the whites or totally omit the eggs.  They'd still be good but not its best :) They have a variety of tofu soup but this is our favorite by far.
My husband's favorite Chicken Teriyaki, which came with the combination menu of tofu soup.  They have a large entree serving of this which is triple the size. 
Our children's favorite entree, Beef Bulgogi, served with the combination menu of tofu soup as well.  Like the Chicken Teriyaki, they have a large entree serving as well.   FYI, a portion had been taken into our children's plate already so this was not its full-sized serving anymore.
And of course my favorite of all is Jap-chae.  We can never eat Korean without this yummy glass noodles.  Our Korean dish escapades won't be complete without all of our favorites laid out on the table.

Dine-outs won't be comforting without the foods you love.  As always, we heard another round of "this is the best meal I've ever had in my entire life" from our kids, whom we consider foodies as well, at the end of the meal.  They have sensitive taste buds.  They just know when a restaurant serves the best food in town.  And that's when we frequent a certain place.

Happy Dining!

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