January 31, 2012

Stay on Track

We're wrapping up Healthy Eats' January Challenge.
But as it is, we'll continue to eat healthy for a healthy life.

What has this challenge done to me?

It dawns on me that breakfast is the most important meal in a day.  It shouldn't be just a cup of coffee or tea.  We should always consider to consume something healthy that will keep our energy last till lunch.  This will help us ward off unnecessary sugar cravings to build energy, thereby help us lose weight.

Cooking at home is still far better than eating out.  It is not only light on the budget, but also you get the flexibility to use healthier ingredients. Substitute regular ingredients to whole grains; canned or frozen foods to fresh ones.  Fresh ingredients are always healthier and better tasting than canned.  And they are free of preservatives.  Perhaps cook on week days, then dine out on weekends for a treat.

We try our best to incorporate vegetables on all of our meals. I make sure that there's an extra vegetable dish or soup.  We snack on fruits whenever we can. If I ever got lazy, fruit and veggie smoothie would save the day. Chips are minimized, but are made of whole grains.  POPCORN still make it to our grocery lists.

We still can't tolerate oatmeal. But we are trying.  We just have to find the right recipe that will make oatmeal fun to eat.  For now, Greek Yogurt keeps me full for rush early mornings.

Healthy eating is a start towards healthy living.  
This has been the major factor why I'm back to YOGA.
To live healthy, one must get fit thru diet and exercise.

How have you been keeping up?
I hope you're still on track coz it's what makes us healthy.
Check on Healthy Eats' Calendar full of Healthy tips and recipes 
to get you started if you haven't done so.

Enjoy eating healthy!
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