February 2, 2012

How to Store Green Onions/Scallions

Green onions/scallions are the most widely used ingredient in the kitchen.  They are very affordable and are readily available in the local market.  And it's so easy to stock up on them just to have them anytime you need them.  

The problem is they get rotten even before you used them all up.  Have you been successful storing them for a longer period of time?  Say for about a month without rotting?

I have experimented on different kinds of storage.  So far these work wonders for me. 

I plant them on a pot of dirt or in a jar of water.  I place them on my kitchen window sill to get enough sunlight. They last forever as long as you take care of them.  Change water weekly if you keep them in a jar of water.  Water them weekly if they're in a pot of dirt. No fertilization necessary unless you want them to grow faster. Cutting them encourages growth.  So imagine the steady supply of green onions year-round.  But there were times that the growth was just too fast for my demands.  I need to harvest some or they'll turn brown before you know.  Also remember to take out dried leaves to renew growth.

When storing, the key is to cut them just above the white part, and store them in a glass jar.  No water.  And store them in the fridge.  They last longer than you can imagine.  I make use of glass jars I get from spaghetti/pesto sauces that has tin lids.  They are best in handling fresh veggies.  I cut them up to fit my container.  I usually need them chopped up for soups and other dishes, so I cut them about a quarter inch apart or a third.  Then I leave some uncut too.

I tried paper napkins and brown bags as well.  They work great too!  But my only concern with that is its ease of visibility.  You can label, but you can't easily check its state of freshness.  I like something that's easy and neat inside my fridge.

I try not to use moist paper napkins as a few people suggests.  They encourage molds/mildew formation in the fridge. You wouldn't want that to happen, right?  That's why storing them in glass containers are way better than anything else.  They form dew inside the jar, which gives off enough moisture, that keeps them fresh for a longer period of time.

So tell me, how do you effectively store your supplies of green onions/scallions at home?
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