February 3, 2012

Bento Weekly - Round 13

For the week January 30 to February 3

After Healthy Eats' January Challenge, the task is to stay in track.
For this week's bento boxes, I still tried to incorporate what I have learned.
Eat breakfasts regularly served with milk or fresh juice & fruits on the side.
We cook on weekdays, and dine out on weekends.
Vegetables and grains will always be a part of every meal.
Shrimp balls (Hagaw), Shumai, mixed veggies, kiwis.
Spring rolls, mixed veggies, strawberries.
Bacon pizza bagels, mixed veggies, strawberries.
Chicken Nuggets with BBQ sauce, tangerine oranges, mixed veggies.
Hotdogs on rice, broccoli and tangerine oranges.

How have you been staying on track?
Happy healthy eating!
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