February 10, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 14

For the week of Feb 6-10, 2012
This week's theme would be "I ate a Rainbow."
MondayGrilled hamburger on whole wheat thins with pickles and lettuce on it,
 and strawberries on the side.
Chicken Nuggets with BBQ sauce on smidgets, plums and corn kernels (that's corn kernels) on the side.  Sorry, I purposely have to color that in yellow.

You might have noticed the lego figure peeking on your left.  Meet Krazi from Ninjago.  He was the subject of my son's friends for a couple of weeks now, that they had to use the words, "We won't be your friends anymore" to my son.  Sad but true. They wanted him to trade it to them, but mommy said NO! Poor kiddo...caught in the middle.  Well, he values his friends more than his Krazi. So Krazi was sent off to them.  No other trade but their true friendship.  He came home with an empty lunch box a happy tummy and a happy spirit because he got his friends back, but had plum leftovers.  Turned out, the plum was bitter-tasting.  But I hope his friends are back for good!
Baked veggie meatballs with carrot sticks on lettuce, crab sushi rolls and pears.

The carrot sticks on my veggie meatballs just dawn on me this morning when I awoke.  I dreamt about it and thought it would be nice for today's school bento.  I've never done it before. I wanted to see my son's reaction, who doesn't appreciate kiddie decor in his lunch.  Well, this isn't counted as kiddie decor, but it's something different for sure.

I have to prepare ahead of time for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunches.  My hubby and I are off to the COLDPLAY concert live at Nokia Theater at LA Live tonight at 7pm.  It'd sure be loads of fun and excitement.  And it would sure be a late night for us as well.  For that, I don't want our lunches for the following day to suffer.  Thanks MOM for watching the kids for us!
Sushi Rolls, Hotdogs, Strawberries and Kiwis

I prepared Teriyaki Beef to go with his sushi today, but I heard a "no thank you."  He opted for the hotdogs instead which must be his favorite now since my Afritada meal at home.  Oh well, whatever makes him merry, so be it.  It's not that he's having it everyday or frequently.  It's one of those seasonal faves.
Coldplay was absolutely awesome-ness!! I have the fondness of British bands. And they really possess the royal-ness of gorgeous looks.  Their music were amazing that made my hubby and I groove a little.  Okay, he got carried away that he forgot I was filming the concert. He kept moving me left to right, and so the camera went along. Hmph!  But we had a great late night together.  It was great to be intoxicated by Coldplay.  Love it!
Friday is my 3rd grader fieldtrip to Randall Planetarium. That means it's time for another sack lunch.  And today's sack lunch is Luncheables' Turkey and Cheese Whole Wheat Cracker Stackers.  Not much but that should keep him full till he gets back home for a second round of lunch.
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