February 24, 2012

Perfecting Brown Rice

We officially started whole grain brown rice last night amidst my quest for the correct way to prepare and cook this whole new grain for us. I started with a 1:2 ratio after soaking for at least 4 hours on warm water. Cooking time is between 45-55 minutes for 2-3 cups of brown rice. I did not use any special pot for this though. I just used my regular AROMA Rice Cooker.  I was actually considering on purchasing a rice cooker that has multi-functional buttons for all other types of rice, if my precious cooker won't  produce me a good brown rice.  But it didn't disappoint me. I was very happy with the result except that I reduced the water ratio into 1:1-1/4, which worked perfectly well.  Finish product is pictured above and we're enjoying our brown rice so far.
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