February 24, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 15

For the week 2-21 to 2-24

I'm happy to be back posting my Bento Weekly.  I missed a week due to camera trouble, so I'll try to duplicate my school lunches last week for pictures sake and post them here.
We've got a school holiday this week, President's Day, which is why we're down to only 4 lunches this week.
On Tuesday, I sent Meatloaf of Veggies and Herbs served over white rice with ketchup on smidgets, mixed corn and sweet peas and grapes on the side. For the record, this was the first time that I was welcomed by a leftover lunch. I asked him what went wrong, and I was surprised to hear him say that he ran out of time.  It's either that or he wanted to catch up with friends to play. 
On Wednesday, I sent him Spam and Crab sushi rolls with mangoes and baked cheetos.  This was totally his choice of bento combinations. SO I was expecting a better result this day.  But came home with another round of leftovers. But better than Tuesday.
 On Thursday, I had him choose between the breads I got from JJ Bakery the day before. Ham and Cheese Bun, ripe green mangoes, and some Gogurts went to his lunch box. Also, we both checked on the cafeteria menu for the day. It was hamburger on whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomatoes. He said he wanted to chow on one of those. It's served with a whole grain. So I gave him a break. He came back with an empty lunch box today. YAY!! And told me that he opted not to take any of the cafeteria meals since he was full already.
Today, I sent him a store bought shumai (pictured below) since I had time to make one.  Surprisingly, he loved it so much that he came back with only a third of the edamame staring at me. Didn't get the chance to taste the shumai but I will next time I steam a package.
Honestly these past weeks were pretty difficult. My boy seemed tired of the lunches I'm sending him for school.  I'm totally out of ideas now. There were days that he would prefer just a week of turkey with mayo and mustard on breads. Other times, just fruits and nothing else.  Even if I add some stuffs in his lunch box, it would just go back home at the end of the day.  And that's a big FROWN! I tried looking at other mom's blogs, but it just won't work out for him. I even offered cafeteria meals for a break, but he'd often say, "No thanks!" We'll see what I'd come up for next week.  But I will continue to brown bag as long as he wants me to.

See you next week!
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