March 9, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 17

For the week March 5-9.
Spam brown rice sushi rolls with corn and mangoes on the side.
Hotdog in a bun from JJ's. We love their sweet bread.  It complements any filling you add in.  And mangoes for today.
Hamburger on wheat thins with ketchup on the side.  He opted for broccoli than the lettuce with orange slices on the side.
The famous mayo and mustard with turkey deli on wheat thins. His favorite and came home with an empty lunch box. He loves mangoes these days.  And that's why you're seeing this fruit more often than the others.
Today I was able to convince my son to bring mac and cheese, which he normally would eat at home only. For whatever reason that may be, I don't know. Would it be one major characteristic of an extremely picky eater? He got chicken nuggets as well and some asian pear slices. BBQ sauce on smidgets. He went back with mac and cheese leftover of course. Do you have any suggestion how to make this mac and cheese a favorite bento item? I tried bacon on it but he'd rather have it plain. There should be one that you know of and share it to me.
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