March 14, 2012

Bento Idea: Turkey & Cheese Cracker

I have been experimenting on how I could evolve the look of my lunches.  My son seem excited each time he sees new way of presentation in his lunchbox. But he made clear to me that he definitely wouldn't want to see any kind of artistically-looking bentos that he sees on other blogs.  He says they're awesome, but not for him.  He doesn't want all the boys to talk about his food in school. He probably doesn't want to bring much distraction at the lunchroom. Well then, fine with me coz that would be easier to prepare. And I'm glad he wanted to stick to our simple bentos but healthy. 

I was thinking that maybe if I duplicate items which he sees in-store, it would probably bring a new twist to what I normally pack.  I would just have to be more resourceful and imaginative on my presentation.  For now, I have thought of duplicating the Turkey & Cheese Luncheables. I would just have to make use of a round playdoh shape cutter that went officially to my bento supplies. Its size were perfect to the size of the Ritz cracker.  And the kids loved it so much. So this meal would be seen more often now in my school bentos.

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