March 16, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 18

For the Week March 12-16

It's been 6-1/2 months and I'm still brown-bagging. 

My son is a great challenge for my 10-month challenge for myself. There had been days, sometimes weeks, that he'd be choosy on what I sent him.  But whenever I give him the opportunity to eat in school, he'd say yes all the time but will always come home with an empty lunch box.  And tell me that my foods were so much better than the ones found at the cafeteria. HUGE smile for me and a huge hug for him.  I love my boy so much, and that's what keeps me sending him to school with home-cooked/packed meals. Especially with the news spreading around that school has been feeding our children with pink slime meats.  Unbelievable!
We're fortunate to have found sweet ripe blueberries and strawberries in the market on Sunday for his bento this week. So I just added a stick of oven-baked corndog to complete Monday's meal.
Tuesday, I had the chance to make one of my eggroll again so you'd definitely see this on his bento probably on Thursday again if he asked for it.
Mini cheese pizza bagel, this time without any bacon on it. Cheese crackers and strawberry wheels on the side for his Wednesday bento.
As predicted, Thursday would be another batch of my eggrolls.  But this time with my home-made sushi rolls, and some steamed broccoli too.
Friday is St. Patrick Day! I tried to make it a green meal to celebrate it, but he opted for a home-made luncheables. It's my first time to make use of a cookie cutter on turkey delis and cheese to duplicate Luncheables' meal. I must admit, the kids loved it! They were thrilled to see new shapes and look on my traditional meals. Perhaps, it's time to start now. Still I added some green colors to commemorate the occasion. I think edamame and roasted nori sheets were nutritious additions to this meal.

Weather forecast would be rainy and cold this weekend.  So keep all activities indoors while having a great deal of family fun. Enjoy!!
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