March 23, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 19

For the week March 19-23

Packing lunches from home is easy.  What's tough is planning the combination meals that goes in the box each day. That's why there are some repetitive bento items in every box that he brings to school.  That is inevitable, because he mostly request items he loves to eat more often than the others.

When I started this 8 month challenge to continue what Healthy Eats originally started, my goal is for him to eat healthier other than the store-bought Luncheables.  As I mentioned before, he literally brought varying packs of Luncheables for his entire 2nd grade, if he's not eating from the school cafeteria.  And that is sad because he wasn't getting much nutrition as compared when I have packed healthier meals for him back then.  So thanks to Healthy Eats for bringing in the Brown Bag Challenge that served as an eye-opener that anyone could have eaten healthier in a fraction of its cost.  You just have to choose the right and most natural ingredient to compose your lunch meals.
Teriyaki Beef Sushi Rolls with edamame and mixed berries on the side are one of his most favored lunches in history.  So when we get an abundance of berries from the market, I see to it that they make it to this lunchbox while they're still fresh and sweet.  
This is my Turkey Cracker Lunchmeal with hotdog and Nori that my son loves munching on till they're all gone.  It's one of my newest item. I figured he kinda misses his Luncheables,  so I would have to recreate it to satisfy his cravings. I told him that whatever he finds in the market can be easily created by all moms. MOMS are created to be ingenious and innovative in the kitchen to keep her family well-fed with an influx of nutrition.
Shelled or unshelled, edamame has become his favorite veggie item in his bento.  And I'm glad because it's very low in Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Protein, Thiamin, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin K, Folate and Manganese. Wow that's a whole lot to consume :) To neutralize the palate, I like packing some citrus fruits as well with meat/seafood in his bento. Fruits always make a good dessert after a fulfilling meal.
Another life-saver when planning my school bentos are the dimsums. They never disappoint. They are a pleaser when it comes to my children. They just love it no matter what the day is.  I think since dimsum is in their roots, it just feels soothing when they have consumed some. 
I always keep a stock of chicken nuggets on my freezer for days when I have very low or limited pantry supplies, or when my son just crave for it.  I either fry or bake them. They taste differently for some reason. Perhaps due to the added fats. Strawberries and some slices of pears make up a good and healthy addition to the nuggets. Keeps him hydrated throughout the day. Of course I give him a bottle of cold water in addition to the juice pouch that he'd often bring with him.
I'm glad the week's over and it's time to unwind and get on my Zumba class tonight. Fridays are Zumba Night with my friends. It's always nice to get fit while making fun with a few good friends. It truly relaxes the mind and body.
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