April 13, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 21

My bento meals for the week of April 9-13.

Honey sweet-cured ham on wheat thins that was slow-cooked by his aunt from our Easter leftovers, strawberry wheels and shelled edamame on the side.
Spam sushi rolls, crabsticks, oranges and broccoli
Hubby's so glad to see good watermelons at the market last night. Son's been asking for one for weeks but we seem can't find a good one. How to tell? Well, hubby's good at that. He says it has something to do with the circle on top. But I do it with a tap. I guess everyone has their ways to tell if a certain fruit is at its best. He had some of the chocolate brownie that we baked, cheese pizza and some goldfish.
My BROWN Bento! 
Ham and cheese croissant, tortilla chips with cheese dip and pears.
My ORANGE Bento!
Spaghetti with hotdogs, carrots and oranges, crackers with the Laughing Cow.
I also packed enough Parmesan cheese on that little shaker on the side
for the spaghetti.

Normally, when I give him spaghetti for school lunch, it goes back home untouched.
The rest were done. I can't exactly tell why. He gets seconds all the time at home. and he'd always brag about it. This time, I have another strong feeling that this will come back home again. I exactly knew why this time. As I was blogging about this post, it reminded me that I forgot to pack his fork!  Not again.... Sure he can ask for a spork at the school's cafeteria.  But isn't it just difficult to eat spaghetti with a spork? Especially I didn't cut the noodles shorter. Oh poor boy! He'll come home with a not so happy tummy. And now looking at my kitchen counter with much frustration, I saw his water bottle waving back at me :(  What an unusual day. TGIF!

Have a wonderful weekend.
See you next week!!

***UPDATE:  I am so excited to report back that my spaghetti bento wasn't wasted after all. My son has expected that I forgot his fork again, and went for a trip to the cafeteria to equip himself with a fork spork, just in case. He said he can't miss another yummy meal.   He was so proud to tell me all these back home. Good job son!! You just saved my day.
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