April 11, 2012

Sweet Cravings: Double Chocolate Brownie

Today I made the simplest recipe of a chocolate brownie you could find to satisfy our cravings.  It doesn't happen all the time so I don't get to experiment on any exceptional recipe that people boast about. This is what we call "sugar-rush" moments. Something that needs to be satisfied all at once in a big batch.  Sorry peeps! We eat healthier than you might think.  Times like this are what we call precious, because it comes once in a blue moon.  Well, at least, for me.  

I'm pretty much avoiding sugar 100%, whenever I can. Diabetes runs in my long line of familial medical history. My paternal grandmother died of it, my dad has it now.  Chances are one of his daughters, would get it too. Sad to say but genes work in a very predictable way. It passes from mother to son, and father to daughter. Not to all, but at least one of the "most unfortunate" offsprings. I had gestational diabetes on my last pregnancy, which had given me the highest probability of getting it. I was told that Diabetes is one of those lifelong, chronic illnesses that is passed on by genes. Sad but true. So I'm trying to eat healthier and eliminate it in the process.

But for some reason I can't just say no to sugar, especially if chocolates were involved. It's my only weakness so I give in to it whenever I feel the urge. I just make sure I make it with dark chocolates which is the healthiest option for most people.  And I try to consume it in moderation.  Ok, let's keep our fingers crossed there...lol!! I'm glad my son doesn't have a sweet tooth. He prefers fruits than candies , no scrap that, chocolates. He loves candies but prefers vanilla best. Which is good because we have all these to ourselves which probably lasts for 2-3 days. Sounds horrible, huh? But that was it. The next batch would have to count months.
I have to confess that I made use of a Ghirardelli's Chocolate Brownie Mix, and added a cup of dark chocolate morsels into it. I would usually add some pecans or walnuts, but I'm eating it with my daughter, so I have to make it as simple and chocolatey as possible.
Though I would have to research on the healthiest chocolate brownie recipe from scratch, if we want this experience more often.  Perhaps something that would cut down the sugar, or a  natural sugar alternative.  Do you have any recommendations?
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