April 9, 2012

Marbled Easter Egg

I was so amazed how our marbled easter eggs turned out. It's easy and no matter how you crack the shell, you get a different design each time.  I love it because it has the tie-die effect on shirts and sarongs I used to do years ago.  Not only that, but I was able to make my kids eat the eggs without hesitations too. That is the reason why I never get a good photograph of our project.  I left my camera at home, I captured it with my camera phone, and we did this at their aunt place.

The kids were so anxious for an egg hunt but we ran out of time to prepare for a good one this year. So we did it differently instead. Each one of us prepared our very own version of Easter eggs and we stuffed it with treats, money and toys for each child.  So it was more like an egg-exchange party. And everyone loved it.

Then we finished it up with this activity that each one participated. Glad I brought enough food coloring. Each one wanted to experiment on mixing colors. On top, are our 5 best eggs.  My son did 3, and my daughter did 2.  Each one of them ate 2 eggs, one was given to their favorite uncle who gobbled up the egg in no time. What a good sport!

We would definitely do this again.  Only next time, we'll make use of plastic bags to put the eggs in as we color it. Food coloring takes forever to get rid off on fingertips and  nail beds.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!
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