April 27, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 23

For the week of April 23-27.

Just 5 more weeks and it's summer break!
I can't believe I actually survived my lunch packing challenge to myself.
Next year would be another year to tackle.

It's the week for California State Testing (CST).
That means, no homework for the entire week...woohoo!!

Here are some few good advices:
  1. Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time. 
  2. Prepare a healthy breakfast to help them focused and energized.
  3. Encourage your child to do his or her best.
  4. Pack a healthy lunch to replenish all the lost stamina and the so-called,"brain-drain" from testing.
 This should keep them motivated and confident for the entire week.
I made him some of my home-made eggrolls, edamame, goldfish and strawberries for Monday.
 Then a Korean version for sushi, Kimbap, for Tuesday!
This time it has fish cake, eggs, crab meat, spinach & pickled radish.
Another round of goldfish and riped green mangoes this time.

Today I have invested on Thermos food jars to keep his food warm. Well, for some that he'd prefer to eat it warm, like today's meal, CHILI. It's one of his favorite food that he seldom brings to school because he has no access to a microwave.  SO I have to go to Target and get one of the insulated food jars.  And it worked! Next time I promised myself to get them LunchBots.

I make use of Name Bubbles to label all his school belongings - lunchboxes, school supplies & clothing articles.  And he never loses one even if he left it in school.  It's dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, waterproof, and sticks on almost all surfaces. No iron-on labels for fabrics.  Just stick-ons, and they never come-off unless forced out. How neat is that?

Oh and I've been sending him some sweet stuffs for desserts too. The "once in a while" days just to give him some treats for opting for healthy foods at all cost. Every kid needs some sweets too.

Today he requested one thing though. He asked if I could refrain from sending him i♥u notes, which I've never done entirely but now. He said it would be too embarrassing for his friends to see. Does that mean he's a grown boy already? He's just in 3rd grade and he worries about this already. But he assured me that I'd always be in his ♥ even if I don't send him those LOVE notes....*sigh*. Oh well...not a big deal. Just worried he's growing up so fast.
Thursday would be Potstickers, Nori and Cheese and Crackers. Fruits and veggies were given for snack at home. He had a Berry Medley Smoothie with spinach on it. I have to make vegetable consumption fun and creative, or the kids might just get sick of them fast.

My daughter this time wanted her mini-lunch featured as well. So you might be seeing some lunches on plates posted here. Those are hers. Her mini-meal just before she heads out for preschool. Technically, she eats home-made healthy hot lunches in her preschool so I don't really worry much.  But when she smells her "most favorites" served at home, she would want one before it's gone.  Hers was gyoza with black vinegar & some strawberry wheels.
My children made cookies last night and had the so much fun that this was the first time they gobbled the whole batch of sugar cookies in no time. Must be the sugar rush. Anyway, this morning, he requested another round of these cookies in his lunch. So I gave in to his request and made more this morning. It's good to pack fresh cookies all the time.   He also had some of his favorite pizzas and red globe grapes. 

It's my daughter's BIKE-A-Thon this morning. It's one of her preschool's fundrasier, and we're off any minute now. I wish all a wonderful weekend!

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