April 24, 2012


What's inside our Kimbap lunch today? Rice, Fish cake, carrots, spinach, pickled daikon, egg and crab sticks. Another one of our yummy, healthy and fulfilling eats.
Sushi is one of my children's comfort foods to go, the rest are fruits. It has always been on the top of their lists when asked what to pack for school, or for trips.  I was so relieved that they have outgrown the fast-food french fries.  No! Not really. They just make better food choices now.  Perhaps completely eradicating junk foods at home has helped us. When they're hungry, they always turn to natural food choices, if not all-natural, to enjoy at home. But when we're out, I let them have them so as they don't feel deprived. I just taught them that it's okay to eat it when we're outside. But when we're home, it's always best to eat as healthy as we could since I could cook it for them. 
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