April 7, 2012

Cracker Bento: Turkey & Laughing Cow

I am re-inventing my bento meals for the next school year as my daughter hits kindergarten. She's the one who's keen into creative bentos. So I'm trying as early as now what would work for her and him as well.  This was served to both as breakfast. It's Ritz crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese spread and star-shaped turkey deli and a cup of organic milk. 

I love the star-shaped turkey on those Ritz. The cheese spread held them in place very neatly. These aren't just nutritious and healthy, but fun to eat too. My girl was delighted to see a twist on her breakfast this morning. She didn't even asked about the spread. She's not a fan of cheeses. So I try not to mention cheese when I'm feeding her something with it. I think this would be great with Nori for her bento. She doesn't need much since she'd be home by 1pm. If she'd still be hungry, I could feed her at home by then.
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