April 7, 2012

Spring Break: Meatless Friday

Holy Week is that time of the year when Christians reflect from what we have done for our neighbors that inspire them to live a better life.  It doesn't matter how big or little it was. The point is you have done something good for someone without expecting anything in return.  It is also a season for forgiveness.  Remember that Christ has died for us on the cross for our sins.  So let us take this opportunity to forgive others who have done us wrong. Let it start from us.

This week, you may have noticed that I have been posting meals on ceramic pans.  It is something my children and I enjoyed for a change.  However, I stopped on Holy Thursday. I had been busy and the kids and I were out the whole time. We never got the chance to dine on our mini ceramic pans. But this is what I've prepared for our Meatless Friday that extended till Saturday dinner.  We just had to add in more vegetables and seafoods to make it last.  It's our little devotion for the Holy Week.
The children were, of course, exempted from this devotion. That is why it was harder to fast and abstain. The temptations were all around us.  The first one who stumbled was of course my hubby.  At the first bite of his meat, we were all laughing at him.  But no big deal.  He just tried his best again on the next meal.

I hope everyone had a safe Holy Week!
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