April 18, 2012

Green Bento...Nature Friendly

Earth day is April 22.

Together, let us:


My post today would be somewhat different because I'd be linking up with my fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends for a round up of bento meals featuring Earth Day.
Mine's nothing fancy though.
Just keep reading....

For this hop, I thought of using all things reusable.
Bento box,
 water bottle,
 Lunch bag.
 And I'm stashing a hand sanitizer, too.
Then I thought of packing everything that embodies the sea life and forestry.
I have Seafood Dumpling (shrimp, calamari, tuna),
 Broccoli (forest), oranges (sun),
school of Goldfishes
Freshly squeezed lemonade for snack 
and cold water for lunch.
The oranges represent the sun with rays stretched wide apart, flashing the prettiest smile to see the school of goldfishes are swimming on clear & uncontaminated sea water. The broccoli stands for the forest life and the seafood dumpling is my land free of trashes. 

To help you visualize my bento, I made use of photoshop to jazz up your imagination.
And this is how it should look!
(Oh well, I hope I didn't mess up neither my post nor the hop.)
I support the Earth Day because I wanted to help save our sea and forest life.  Hoping that one day we could help restore what had been destroyed and replenish what we had once.

In connection with this, I would also like to post my daughter's pre-school project for Earth Day.  It was a family project so everyone gets to pitch in, which made it easier for us to accomplish. I would not claim the brilliant idea though.  All we did was to replicate it with the available materials we have at home.
This is made of juice box, popsicle sticks that I've been hoarding, 
foam stickers, a branch stick, super glue & acrylic paint.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

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