April 20, 2012

Under The Sea

My daughter and I tried our luck with KYARABENS (Character Bento). We took out her playdough cutters and chose the right shape for her favorite theme - The Sea! We made it with bread, turkey and cheese. Then we added some clementines for the corals or seashells, and some Nori for the seaweeds. We need some more practice to put them altogether in a bento box.  Then it would be ready for school.
And here are all the scraps which made it to my breakfast. Spread some Nutella & peanut butter for a chocolatey treat.  I am a chocoholic mom. Not everyday, but when the cravings strike, I should get a dose of it.  Nothing soothes me best, but the chocolates. 

But guess what, Mamabelly has just come up with a French Toast Casserole recipe that takes care of this scrap better and tastier. It has cinnamon that makes me itch to try it next time. I'm sure the kids will love it as well. Now, wouldn't you wanna try that out?
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